A Thanksgiving Song That’s Even Worse Than “Friday”!


Remember “Friday,” the Rebecca Black song/video that paralyzed America with its banal images of tweens bopping in cars and singing stupid lyrics?

Well, a young songstress named Nicole Westbrook can trump that–courtesy of the same writer/producer!

And she can’t be bothered with a mere Friday for her subject matter.

Nicole wants to sing about Thanksgiving Day!

The result has to be seen and heard to be disbelieved.

It’s basically a song about mashed potatoes.

A tune in which she keeps weirdly chanting “Thenk you, thenk you, thenk you.”

For what–mashed potatoes?

(“The turkey–A!–mashed potatoes–A!…”)

It’s all so mind-numbingly dumb and repetitive as she keeps singing “Uh oh oh it’s Thanksgiving/We we we are gonna have a good time”.

But hold on to your drumstick.

It leads to an absolutely hell-arious rap Nicole performs across a table of mashed potatoes for a crowd of other tweens and a black guy dressed like a turkey.


If music is the food of life, then I’d rather starve.

No, thenk you.