Sir Roger Moore Is Stirred, Not Shaken, By 007’s Legacy


The most charmingly self-deprecating of all the James Bonds, Sir Roger Moore has a new book out called Bond on Bond: Reflections On 50 Years Of James Bond Movies and came to town to celebrate that plus the 50th anniversary of Bond flicks.

We Bond-ed for my new column, in which Sir Roger told me:

*What he thinks of Daniel Craig

*The messages he sent to Craig when the latter actor nabbed the part of Bond.

*What Moore was told when he got the part, way back in 1973.

*A Bond moment he’s not terribly proud of.

*And whether gays should like the Bond films, despite a questionable character in the new one.

Yes, I asked.

As a bonus, I also had a brief chat with Kristen Stewart about her new art house movie and why she did it.

The movie, that is.

Yes, you get two generations of franchise-film legends in one little column.

Go ahead and bite.