Announcing: The Judges for the 2012 Village Voice Web Awards


Hey there, Internet. Let’s talk about the Internet.

If you didn’t know, The Village Voice hosts this little thing every year called the Web Awards. It’s a glorious time in early December when everyone closes their Twitter application, turns off their computer, and comes out to a bar to celebrate the things did with their Twitter applications and computers. You vote for the nominees before November 26 here, and our judges pick the winners. Voting also automatically enters you to win TWO free passes to the event.

Speaking of judges, we should probably tell you who they are. These folks are well-versed in memes, cat photos, Chuck Grassley’s Twitter account, and everything else that makes you both love and hate the year 2012. Plus they all won awards last year, so these Internet people know what they’re talking about.

Bowery Boogie (Best Neighborhood Blog winner 2011)
Max Read (Best Personal Tumblr winner 2011)
Edith Zimmerman (of the Hairpin, Best Post of the Year winner 2011 “woman eating salad”)
Tyler Coates (Blogger we Love winner 2011)

We’re so happy these people agreed to participate, we can’t even find the right emoji to describe our feelings.

Stay tuned for the announcement of the contenders and more information about the party on December 5.

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