Congrats to Channing Tatum, But Here Are 59 Other Sexy Famous Guys


Channing Tatum was a great choice for People‘s Sexiest Man Alive.

Not only is he a walking fantasy on a stick, but he’s smart, successful, and according to the accounts I’ve heard, a decent guy (except for refusing me an interview once, but hey, maybe he just didn’t want to meet his love match.

A lot of stars don’t have time for that sort of thing!)

Anyway, there are plenty of other sexy people stomping around Hollywood and environs.

You can count approximately 59 runners-up in this race–in fact, it’s exactly 59 runners-up, according to this link, which put together a delectable slide show of the hubba-hubba contenders.

They include everyone from David Beckham to Usher to Ryan Gosling to…

Well, see for yourself.

All that clicking should keep your hand busy for a while.