Mitt Romney Knows Why He Lost!


And no, it’s not because he lied, flip-flopped, patronized, changed colors, evaded, and came up with unworkable theories and hateful agendas.

None of that had anything to do with it!

It’s because Obama gave so many “gifts” to blacks, Hispanics and young people in his first term of office that they repaid him with votes!

Oh, lordy.

Can you believe the low hangers on this man?

You’d think losing would have chastened him a bit and made him rethink his approach–the very thing the Repubs are going to desperately have to do to become relevant again.

But no! It’s made him even more racist, paranoid, and twisted.

Well, here’s what the folks on the gay gossip board have to say about that:

“How unfortunate it interrupted the ‘gifts’ Mitt wanted to give his fellow billionaires.”

“So to boil it down: Romney says Obama won because he enacted policies that are popular and people like. Ummm…”

“Romney, you are proving to be an even more pathetic sore loser than a weak and pathetic candidate. What about the 20% tax cut you wanted to implement for the richest taxpayers in the country? Does this not qualify as a gift?

“You referred to Hispanics as ‘illegals’ and told them to ‘self-deport’. You also supported Arizona’s draconian laws targeting Hispanics, and didn’t want their American-born children to have access to an education. Don’t hide behind healthcare as the reason they didn’t support you.

“You need to go away for a long, long time, and stop making excuses. Take Ann and move to the Cayman Islands or Switzerland, but just go away.”