MTA Drains Hugh Carey Tunnel: The Music Video


For an organization that’s so strapped for cash that it’s given New Yorkers a “pick your poison” collection of possible rate-hike plans, the Metro Transportation Authority seems to spare no expense when it comes to the production value of its PR videos.

The video embedded above was sent out by the MTA last night. It’s complete with some artistic B-roll, a charming MTA employee who just screams “New York,” and a backbeat. It’s also completely unnecessary.

We all get it. And most New Yorkers are willing to give credit where credit is due: the MTA did a fine job restoring public transportation following Hurricane Sandy. But the fact remains: the MTA wants to raise its rates to cover its budget shortfalls. Those shortfalls will likely  include the costs associated with recovering from the storm.

The MTA has a history of wasting money. For example, a recent audit of the organization found that it wastes more than $800,000 a year on gas for idling vehicles.

The MTA didn’t immediately respond when asked how much it cost to produce this video. But, while producing this video probably is just a drop in the MTA’s $9.1 billion a year bucket, New Yorkers don’t want music videos. We want lower rates.

We’ll let you know if we hear back from the MTA regarding the cost of the video.

*UPDATE* An MTA spokeswoman offered us the following explanation: “[The cost is] minimal. MTA has one employee who does You Tube videos for all six MTA agencies. We have been utilizing this medium for several years now as another way to better communicate with our customers and let them know about the work going on throughout the MTA.”