Thanksgiving at the White House: Obamas’ Table Will Include Kale Salad and Thyme Roasted Turkey


President Obama is is a pretty hip guy. He fist bumps, rebounds, and is best friends with Jay-Z. And now comes the news that he’s putting a kale salad on his Thanksgiving table.

Next Thursday will mark the fourth Thanksgiving for the Obama White House and, for the first time, the day’s menu and recipes have been released in advance of the festivities.

So what does the leader of the free world eat? Well, on Thanksgiving, pretty similarly to a lot of other Americans. This year’s White House feast will include a thyme-roasted turkey, honey-baked ham, cornbread stuffing and mashed potatoes. Oh yeah, and that kale salad — which include fennel, radishes and a few jalepeño peppers. Obamafoodorama, which includes recipes for all of the dishes, notes that the President is also a pretty big fan of pie and the meal will feature six of them.

Does your menu stack up to that of the POTUS? Let us know in the comments.