Guess What Gay Republicans Are Like?


No, not Jewish Nazis.

I’ve already gone with that analogy, to deafening response.

I also called them black Klan members and roaches who moonlight as exterminators.

In trying to label these self-loathing human conundrums, one tends to get into linguistic territory that’s as potentially offensive as they are.

But raconteur Justin Sayre had a whole new comparison in his The Meeting show at the Duplex last night, and it was almost whimsical.

“Gay Republicans are like unicorns,” he declared.

“I can’t believe they ever existed!

“But they’re like evil unicorns,” he clarified.

“The Log Cabin Republicans should call themselves Evil Unicorns and say, ‘We can’t believe we exist!'”

Nah, that’s still too cute.

How about Jewish Nazis?