Just Truss Us: Our 10 Best Thanksgiving Stories


Thanksgiving is a battlefield of a holiday, a war against our belt buckles that we knowingly enter year after year. The most triumphant participants are often the same ones who leave with whisky-breath, unbuttoned pants and the knowledge that they’ve eaten their weight potatoes. But this epic mess of an afternoon is one of the ultimate perks that comes with living in America today. To show our appreciation of the fourth Thursday in November, here’s a look back at some of Fork in the Road’s favorite Bird Day stories.

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1. The five worst Thanksgiving dishes ever. If it looks like it’s still in a can when it’s on the table, it shouldn’t be there.

2. Jacques Pepin reveals his turkey secrets. Three words: Steam. That. Bird.

3. Anita Lo tells us some awesome things to do with leftovers. Make turkey steamed buns!

4. Weekend Special: Escape From Thanksgiving! Robert Sietsema breaks from tradition and flees.

5. Native American harvest dishes (real Thanksgiving). Sweet. Corn.

6. Make Dickson’s Farmstand sage sausage stuffing, just like chef David Schutterberg. An updated classic that is worth a spot on your table.

7. Thanksgiving Chef Memories Part 1: Josh Capon (B & B and Lure Fishbar), Dan Kluger (ABC Kitchen), Todd Macdonald (Villa Pacri), Missy Robbins (A Voce and A Voce Columbus Circle), Michael White (Ai Fiori, Osteria Morini, and Marea), Brian Ray (Buddakan). Chefs, they’re just like us!

8. Thanksgiving Chef Memories Part 2: David Burke (Fishtail, David Burke Townhouse, and David Burke Kitchen), Mauro Maccioni (Le Cirque), Philippe Bertineau (Benoit), Craig Wallen (Spasso), Damon Wise (Monkey Bar), Dale Talde (Talde). More stories from people who create epic meals everyday.

9. Spatchcock? Consider Butterflying Your Turkey This Year. It’s a quick way to cook your Tom, not a dirty word.

10. Make Stephanie Izzard’s Green Bean Casserole! An easy recipe from a former Top Chef winner.