NYPD Investigation Spurred By Community Outrage Leads to 35-year Sentence for Harlem PCP-dealer Bernard “Little Bro” Moultrie


Former drug-dealer Bernard “Little Bro” Moultrie, 40, was sentenced to 35 years in prison yesterday for murder and for heading a multi-million dollar drug ring with his brother out of Milbank-Frawley Houses in East Harlem.

The sentence is the culmination of a 15-month investigation launched by the NYPD in response to complaints from frightened neighbors living in the housing project, according to a release from the Manhattan District Attorney’s Office.

Kudos to the NYPD for working with this Harlem community to weed out the actual criminals instead of simply harassing the entire neighborhood.

“The investigation into this case started with an anonymous letter that concerned residents wrote to the police about drug dealing and violence, and it ended with these residents taking back their community from drug traffickers,” Manhattan DA Cyrus Vance said in a release.

Moultrie and his older brother Lamont “Big Bro” Moultrie, 42, ran a drug operation out of the Milbank-Frawley Houses using PCP as their primary product. Bernard Moultrie pleaded guilty to first-degree manslaughter, a second-degree conspiracy charge and to the state’s “Drug Kingpin” statue on Sept. 27, according to the release.

Lamont Moultrie and the 34 other defendants either have received or will face a sentence of up to 35 years for their involvement in the multi-million dollar distribution ring, the release says.

The operation covered a five-block radius from the West side of 112 Street to the East side of 117 Street. They primarily distributed and stored their drugs — PCP, cocaine and heroin — out of the courtyard and inside apartments within the Frawley housing development — leaving the community in perpetual fear.

“After the dismantling of this drug ring, my Office and the NYPD worked with residents of the Milbank-Frawley Houses to rebuild their neighborhood,” Vance said. “This community serves as a model for strong partnerships between residents and law enforcement, and my Office is committed to helping them to keep their neighborhood safe.”