Last Night’s GLAM Awards Were Sensational!


And I’m not just saying that because I won.

(Yes, this is my fourth!

I’ve beaten Meryl Streep!

My shelf runneth over!)

But anyway, Cherry Jubilee‘s GLAM awards for LGBT nightlife were slick, eye-popping, and character-building, with hosts Bianca del Rio, Sherry Vine, and Peppermint keeping up a stream of banter while moving things along so there was always something to feast on and digest.

The performances came courtesy of a rockin’ Peppermint, a sizzling Electrohoney, and a curvaceous Dina Delicious.

Also, Skyla Versai led the “Hot Mess” gals in a rousing dance number, Tina Burner danced her kishkes off in a movieland medley, and Thorgy Thor did a hilarious bit where she won Entertainer of the Year in slow-mo and was pursued by someone with a giant Bianca del Rio head on them, shooting a slow bullet at Thorgy.

Kizha Carr played an actual slave scrubbing the floor and lipsynching to Britney’s “I’m A Slave 4 You”–no doubt a highlight from Steven Spielberg’s Lincoln.

And Mila Jam stunned the crowd with a beautiful dance number in tribute to the late, great Sahara Davenport.

Some of the winners were DJ Scotty Rox, promoter Frankie Sharp, doorperson Markus Kelle, photographer Jeff Eason, bartender Tommy Hottpants, Westgay, xl, the Black Party, Logan Hardcore for dance, Joey Arias for vocals, Breakthrough Artist Leo Gugu, Best Gogo Boys Matthew Camp and Jay Roth, and Entertainer of the Year Bianca del Rio.

(So she didn’t have to shoot Thorgy after all.)

And I was gracious enough to console one of my fellow nominees for Best Blogger/Writer by saying, “Don’t worry. I’ll die soon.”

Thanks to my capacious closet for the bodysuit and to Christian Freedom for the jacket.