Rupert Murdoch’s Next Twitter Target: The “Jewish Owned” Press


A few months ago, we reported on the social media prescence of Mr. Rupert Murdoch, the embattled head chieftain of News Corp. The mogul had a knack for Twitter outbursts, shortening some controversial views on Mitt Romney’s campaign, Scientology and the hacking scandal with Parliament into 140 characters. Since then, he’s been pretty mum on politics, keeping his thoughts to things like the success of “Lincoln” and the failure of BBC’s resigning chief, George Entwistle.

That all changed this weekend.

Ugh. Come on, Rupert.

There is no immediate reason why we should go into what’s wrong with that tweet; I think it speaks for itself. But, coming from Murdoch, this statement is quite confusing, given the sense that he owns a damn fine chunk of the media. Let’s stretch out the statement for a second: a media mogul is saying the press is Jewish-owned. Yeah… okay, just making sure we got that right.

Naturally, the tweet has gotten some serious backlash; The Daily Beast‘s Peter Beinart called it downright dumb and offensive. For that reason, he did give a half-ass “I’m sorry” except he’s not so sure what he did wrong – like that stubborn friend of yours who is apologizing but not really:

But, knowing Murdoch’s already controversial Twitter history, this kind of online behavior is not really out of the ordinary (the dude did call Scientologists “evil”). What we should be concentrating on is not the actual statement but, more so, the fact that a man who wields this much power over the media has this whole Jewish-owned belief.

But, we must say thank you to Rupert. Stay on your controversial tweeting game; it gives us plenty to write about.