How To Become Really Famous In 2013!


This week’s column is a clairvoyant, witty, and useful guide to what it takes to make it really big a proverbial 15 minutes from now.

Gone are the days when record labels nurtured talent into stardom–with rare exceptions–but there are tools at your command which can get you to the top anyway.

And I’m not just talking about the casting couch (though that always helps).

With the help of insider expert input, I tell you how to manipulate YouTube, producers, talent shows, and reality TV to make your aims come true.

You have to pretty much be famous before they can make you really famous, but it’s do-able if you’ve got the proverbial package the world is looking for and a venue from which to launch the delivery of it.

I give real-life examples–mainly a lot of one-named female singers and actors–and also advise you on the importance of talent, looks, connections, and stamina.

By the end of the column, you will be on top of the charts or there’s a money-back guarantee.

And it’s that kind of chutzpah that’s made me number one with a Bullet T-shirt.

(They’re a Swedish heavy metal band. And they’re famous!)