“I Don’t Shake Hands and I Don’t Squash Beef”: Gunplay Talks Murdering 50 Cent and His Cocaine Habit


Though Rick Ross has signed or attempted to sign nearly half of the rap/r&b acts in the game he’s still been pretty loyal to a guy with an unmarketable name and an unpredictable disposition, Gunplay. With his name and a bad tendency to not just get into trouble but immerse himself and roll around in it, it’s a bit mystifying how Rozay secured a solo deal at Def Jam for his Carol City brethren.

After a busy summer promoting Self Made Vol. 2, signing the aforementioned deal with Def Jam and losing his MMG chain after a skirmish with 50 Cent’s goons Gunplay’s troubles were compounded when he was arrested for armed robbery for an incident with his accountant this past April.

Out on bail and on house arrest, he’s laying in the cut recording his Def Jam debut until his court date in December. Hopefully things go well for the rapper. But just in case he’s convicted SOTC sat down with Gunplay a/k/a Mr. Richard Morales Jr. to talk about his role within MMG, his supposed coke habit and why TMZ talks tougher than most rappers. Cue the MMG girl with the sexy voice…

Gunplay’s in the house! Or in your house rather due to house arrest, no?

Yeah man, I’m still on house arrest. Just posted right now.

How are you maintaining productivity in that situation?
I’m still working, I’m still working. Like i said, I’m on house arrest until December 3rd when I go to trial so I set studio up at the house and I’ve been on the phone a lot to be at places while I’m not really there. I got my album I’m working on and we just dropped the single “Drop” last week. I’m just making the best of an ill situation.

Care to speak on your upcoming trial for robbery?
Nah, not until it’s over.

What’s the response been like for the single?
They loving it. As soon as it dropped they was loving it. We just wanted to put my best foot forward for the release of Medellin. It’s got an edgy vibe, like “Rollin'” does.

So you said the album is called Medellin
Yup, that’s right. Bogota was the original name for the album. Medellin is the new name.

Are you Colombian? Did you ever live there or do you have any ties there?
Nah, my moms is from Jamaica and my pops is Puerto Rican. I was born in Texas. From there I moved to New York for awhile and then we moved down to Miami where I grew up.

Didn’t you catch a lot of heat for sniffing coke on camera? Is it wise to associate yourself with coke so heavy?
Nah see, I went to Medellin awhile back with Ross. I snorted coke on camera and niggas was saying I was done after that, that my career was over because I was just some coke head rapper. Instead of trying to deny shit, I just ran with that whole coke vibe. So first I named the album Bogota then I went with Medellin.

Huh. Interesting approach. So do you currently have a coke habit?
Nah man, I don’t have a coke habit. My nose is just fucked up because I’m a bit sick right now that’s why you hear me sniffling. But yeah… It was that one time really in Medellin. I just had to kick some bad habits, that’s all. I can’t have anything getting in the way of where I’m trying to go.

Okay. So tell me about growing up in Miami and how you met Ross?
I knew Ross from Carol City and just mutual friends and shit. He’s a boss though, I could just tell so I’ve been just following his lead for 10, 15 years now doing whatever is asked of me. One thing about me is that I know how to play my position.

Is that why you said you want to kill 50 Cent? Out of loyalty to Ross or because of that scuffle with his team?
I never said that shit about killing [50 Cent]. TMZ said that. I know better than to… whatever man. I will say this though… I don’t shake hands and I don’t squash beef.

Ok. Let’s get back to the fun stuff. How do you describe your music?
Um, it’s that stick to your ribs music. It’s music that’s sometimes entertaining and sometimes real shit. It’s something for the bitches and for the world.

What made you want to make music anyway? Was there any particular thing that inspred you?
A lot of things I saw inspired me. Being around Ross and certain other niggas. I ain’t gonna lie seeing Backstage was a big influence. That was big to me when I first saw it. Just the camaraderie, the tour life and moving with your dogs and following the chain of command but still wilding out and having fun. That left a big impact on me.

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