We’re Yucking Your Yum: What Fork in the Road Won’t be Eating This Thanksgiving


Every once in a while, it feels good to be a hater. Here at Fork in the Road, while we are literally salivating with enthusiasm at the onset of this upcoming holiday, we each have a dish that we will deliberately avoid on the Thanksgiving table. In anticipation of the big day, here’s what we won’t make it to our plates.

Agree with us? Appalled by our choices? Let us know about your anti-indulgences.

Jessica Goodman: I’m spending Thanksgiving with my family in Long Island. We celebrate it every year at my parents’ house with some cousins, aunts, and uncles. I think my mom is quite excited to host since she and my dad were without power for almost two weeks during Sandy. It’s a celebratory homecoming in a way. I very much dislike Cranberry sauce. My dad loves them so my mom makes them every year but I think they’re vile. Kind of goopy looking and reminiscent of a ’70s jello pie.

Clarissa Wei: I hate baked yams. Not looking forward to that. I’ll be spending my Thanksgiving cooking a ten course meal with a bunch of girlfriends from Los Angeles. We’re opting for Rotisserie chicken instead of turkey this time around.

Eric Sundermann: I don’t really get the appeal of cranberry sauce. It’s so sour. Who eats that? Who even wants that? People put it on their turkey, too, and just RUIN it. Fools.

Mallory Stuchin: I don’t like turkey. I know — it’s a shanda! — but I’ve just never enjoyed it. For the record, I also don’t like brunch. But I am looking forward to spending time with the people I love this holiday, for whom I am incredibly thankful.