We all remember Bob Clark’s masterpiece A Christmas Story with Ralphie, the BB gun, and the leg lamp. But have you seen Clark’s other holiday classic—the one that hasn’t been made into a Broadway musical (yet)? In 1974’s Black Christmas, a crazed psycho caller—soon to become a crazed psycho killer—terrorizes a sorority house. One of the first American films of the genre, it follows true slasher form. But don’t think these sisters (including Margot Kidder of Superman fame) are your typical easy prey: Protagonist Jess argues with her boyfriend over her right to have an abortion, the feisty house mother stashes hard liquor, and another pledge cooly dismisses the killer’s perverted phone calls, saying “In the city, I get two of those a day.” See it on the big screen because, well, this is one Christmas story that probably won’t run for 24 hours on TBS.

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