Mr. Food, Art Ginsburg, Dies at 81


Art Ginsburg, a.k.a. Mr. Food, passed away last night at his home in Weston, Florida. The 81-year-old butcher-turned-chef spent 30 years in the food industry, making numerous tv appearances and publishing over 50 cookbooks.

Ginsburg was something of an anomaly, he “had an unlikely formula for success… With a pleasantly goofy, grandfatherly manner and a willingness to embrace processed foods, Ginsburg endeared himself to millions of home cooks via 90-second segments syndicated to 125 local television stations around the country.”

He also appeared in a sweet Q & A conducted by Ricki Altman, over at our sister paper, The Broward Palm Beach New Times. Ginsburg tells Altman that his dream food personification “ a tomato eaten fresh off the vine or a potato cooked into a brown and crispy home fry.” He also noted his impossible dream of cooking an “omelet or one of my famous tomato sandwiches with fresh country-style bread” for Julia Child.

R.I.P. Mr. Food. [GS]