5 Great Thanksgiving Movies: Watch These During Your Food Coma


One of the worst parts about Thanksgiving is the feeling right after the meal. You’re bloated. You traded your trousers for sweatpants. You’re falling into a tryptophan haze. But then you pop in a movie, and all is well. Not all these Thanksgiving movies focus on the meal itself, but all will make you forget your calorie intake.

5. Pieces of April, 2003

Watch Katie Holmes sans Suri invite her normal estranged family to her abnormal apartment in New York for a home cooked Thanksgiving dinner. Somehow, she manages to pull off a fully cooked bird.

4. Home for the Holidays, 1995

A comedy about coming home for Thanksgiving, this is the ultimate crazy family holiday movie. Overbearing parents, a wacky sister, an eccentric gay brother, and one turkey that lands in someone’s lap.

3. Funny People, 2009

At maybe one of the best Friendsgivings ever, Adam Sandler toasts Seth Rogan in a true act of thankfulness. Also, you get to see Aziz Ansari do a whole lot of rehearsed stand up.

2. Planes, Trains and Automobiles, 1987

Steve Martin is at his finest in this classic comedy as he tries to get to his family for Thanksgiving.

1. Son-In-Law, 1993

When Pauly Shore’s character visits his college friend’s small town family for Thanksgiving, he turns their farm life upside down.