Flight Director: I Had To Make This Film


At a Circo luncheon for director Robert Zemeckis, the Oscar winner (for Forrest Gump) said that his agents, handlers, and just about everyone else warned him not to make Flight, the absorbing new film in which Denzel Washington is a coked-up pilot who saves a failing plane but ends up having to confront his demons on the ground.

Zemeckis said that because there was a plane crash in his Cast Away–the 2000 film in which Tom Hanks conversed with a volleyball because that’s all there was–everyone was afraid he’d get typed as “the plane crash guy.”

“But I said, ‘The script is so good’,” he remembered.

“I have to do this film!”

And I’m glad he did. It’s an Oscar contender (but good anyway).

At the lunch, Zemeckis also joked about the risk of flying, then clarified:

“Actually, driving in a car is way more risky!”

So true.

Everyone should just stick to biking in NYC! (I’m serious. Do it! You’ll live!)

By the way, Zemeckis also directed The Polar Express, in which extremely weird things happened on a train.

I guess being filmland’s wacky transportation man might be his fate, which is fine, especially since he told me he’s a pilot in real life!