The PATH Train Returns To Downtown Manhattan Today


Each week, we’re presented with more metro news from the Sandy recovery. The most recent installment was the re-introduction of the H line to help out with the displaced residents in the Rockaways.

Today, the newest information to share is the return of the weekday PATH train service to the World Trade Center stop this morning.

The weekday service will run between 5am and 10pm, Monday thru Friday. However, if you’re committed to coming in on weekends, be careful: the line isn’t fully functioning still due to work that still needs to be done on the tracks and service will be sparse (read: unpredictable) on Saturdays and Sundays.

As we know, New Jersey was at the epicenter of the storm, incapacitating train service across the state. Also, Downtown Manhattan was in bad shape, so the connection between both locations was inaccessible for some time. However, almost a month later, the line between both is now up and running again.

In recent weeks, a good portion of the PATH’s service was rehabilitated throughout New Jersey and Manhattan. Those fixed included the Jersey stops at Newark, Harrison, Journal Square, Grove Street and Newport; for Manhattan, that also meant the ones up on 9th, 14th, 23rd and 33rd Street. However, the one at the World Trade Center was in worse shape, given its proximity to the River.

To get a glimpse of the PATH train’s struggle, you might remember this image of the Hoboken station from the storm’s climax:

After seeing this, all we can really say is… Welcome back, PATH train.