Two Department Store Xmas Windows Miss The Boat


And by the boat, I don’t mean the Titanic!

I’m referring to another Leonardo DiCaprio vehicle, The Great Gatsby.

The latest movie version of the classic F. Scott Fitzgerald “Roaring Twenties” novel was supposed to be coming out this season, which surely had something to do with two of the major department store windows’ subject matters.

Both Henri Bendel and Bergdorf Goodman feature flappers in their holiday window displays!

They’re both showcasing a flapper-palooza of 1920s gaiety and mayhem, all set in the midst of Gatsby-style hoopla and bootleggy frolicking.

Bergdorf went for a 20’s/30s “jazz age” mix of Ziegfeld girls and Busby Berkeley types, while Bendel opted for “Deco the Halls,” a retro romp that includes a flapper dress made out of 12,000 black beans.

And I doubt it’s a coincidence that the movie was originally slated for Christmas Day.

The retailers–who my source swears start planning the windows approximately a year in advance–must have assumed everyone would be inhaling flappers and gasping Gatsby right about now.

But of course the film was eventually bumped to next May.

Quelle tragedie, clink clink.

Oh, well.

The windows look great anyway.

And next year, they can resurrect them for May Day!