Carnival Bans Drag Patrons From Drag Cruise!


Get this:

Carnival is doing a “Drag Stars at Sea” cruise, featuring performances by various drag queens.

But they sent out a memo to patrons saying that customers are by no means allowed to dress in drag!

In fact, if they do so, they will be “disembarked” at their own expense!

Their drop earrings will be pulled off, their heels will be yanked, and they’ll be kicked in the seat of their Joyce Leslie.

They add that this is because Carnival is a family-friendly cruise and they don’t want children to be upset.

Even though they’re on a drag cruise!

And even if they weren’t, why would a kid be traumatized by drag, unless there’s some horrible adult screaming at them that the bible says it’s wrong?

In the wake of some complaints, Carnival has changed their stance quicker than a drag queen switching outfits.

They’re still banning drag, mind you, but they’ve altered their reason:

It’s because of post-9/11 security restrictions!

Oh, so drag is suddenly a national security risk?

That’s an even worse reason.