Kathie Lee’s Show Is Bleeding Money


Scandalous is the new Broadway musical about faith healer Aimee Semple McPherson, which opened to less than stellar reviews (though I found stuff to admire in it).

And it’s not a hit.

In fact, the last weekly statistics that came out had the show—which features a script and lyrics by Kathie Lee Gifford–only filling a third of the theater and making a mere 15.51% of the gross potential!

That’s a whole lot of empty and/or discounted seating.

Some nights it must seem like there are more people onstage than in the audience, lol.

The show pulled in $194,511, which admittedly is more than the Golden Boy revival made, but that show’s in a smaller theater and it’s still in previews; if it gets good reviews, it could enjoy a box office bump.

Scandalous is scandalously losing money–as opposed to something like, say, Wicked which made $2,290,819 in the same period–but the producers stubbornly haven’t posted a closing notice yet.

Among those producers is the Foursquare Foundation, which is affiliated with the Foursquare Church, which Aimee herself founded.

I guess they have faith–or need a tax writeoff.

Or are praying for a miracle.

Or they’re just plain nuts!