Prospect Park Robberies Have More Than Doubled in the Past Year


As New Yorkers, we’re accustomed to the news of robberies — especially with the insane rise in smartphone theft recently (and the interesting stories that come out of those). We have all read about Central Park’s creepiness at night and some of the crime that goes down there, but rarely do we hear about Brooklyn’s equivalent.

Yes, Prospect Park does have its fair share of robbery, too. And, as of this year, the rate of those getting their stuff jacked from them has more than doubled, according to the New York Post.

Just because you’re in Brooklyn’s big brownstone backyard doesn’t mean you’re safe. It just means you’re a little bit safer than you would be in Central Park. But is that really saying much?

Here are the true crime stats:

In the period between January 1 and November 23, 17 people have been robbed in Prospect; last year, that number was only seven. Its crime index, which incorporates grand larceny, assault, and the other bad stuff, has gone up to 31 from 27. However, there has been no reported case of rape or murder in the green sprawl.

Now, let’s look at Central Park. Unfortunately, the big backyard has seen one rape this year, but its robbery count has actually dropped to 13 from last year’s 15 (regardless of miniscule numbers, that’s a 13.3 percent decrease). And its current crime index of 92 speaks volumes.

We don’t need to remind readers to be alert out there. But be alert out there.