The Worst Twitter Gaffes Of All: I Discussed Them On TV


Twitter is a large, open field for people–especially celebrities–to mess up in a big way.

There’s something so alluring to celebs about blurting those quick emissions that they don’t always think about what they’re sending out to the world until the repercussions hit like a banshee on fire.

I discussed this phenomenon in the below RT piece about the world’s worst tweets by the rich and powerful.

I brought up John Mayer‘s sloppy insistence on updating his twitter page while telling girlfriend Jennifer Aniston he was too busy working to return her calls.

Make that ex-girlfriend.

And other examples are given of the misuse of Twitter–the kind of communicational screwups that make me want to read the stuff all the livelong day while feeling like the king of discretion by comparison.

So take a look at the segment–and then tweet about it.