A Christmas Story On Broadway: My Review


Based on Jean Shepherd’s memoir about growing up in the 1940s and wanting a BB gun for Christmas despite everyone’s warnings that “You’ll shoot your eye out,” A Christmas Story was made into a cult 1983 movie that’s become a holiday classic.

And now, as you know, it’s a Broadway musical!

With lots of singing and dancing kids.

And zany, well-meaning parents.

And more singing and dancing kids.

And I found it cute.

And familiar.

And tourist friendly.

And crowd pleasing.

And nice.


I was pretty much in agony through most of Act One–I can’t stand these blandish, rote adaptations, aimed at visiting packs of white people–but then the strangest thing happened.

With Act Two, the songs became quirkier and more integrated, there were a few decent numbers, the jokes started landing, the story (such as it is) began coalescing, and the Chinese restaurant scene had me alternately laughing and choking up.

So I liked it!


This Story will provoke very extreme mixed feelings in you.

Like Christmas itself!