How Marion Cotillard Played A SPOILER ALERT In New Movie


You probably know that in Rust and Bone, Oscar winner Marion Cotillard portrays a whale trainer who loses her legs in an accident.

In any case, I’m not revealing anything the actor herself doesn’t talk about.


“It’s a love story,” Cotillard told her TimesTalks audience last night.

“It’s about two people who hit the bottom, and when you hit the bottom, you have two options—either you give up or you face what’s left.

“And what’s left usually is just yourself.

“It takes courage, and then it opens the door to life–and love can happen.”

And it happens to the tune of “Firework”–the film’s only false moment, IMHO.

The awesome Marion explained her preparation–or, rather, lack thereof–for the role:

“I started to watch videos of amputated people to see how they move, and then I thought, ‘I don’t need to know.’

“Let me experience it as the character. She doesn’t know either.”

Amazingly, the first scene Marion shot was the one where she ends up in the hospital and realizes she has parts missing.

“Very intense days,” she remembered. “Very deep emotions.”

And afterwards?

“You go back and–SPOILER ALERT–sleep.”