My Beautiful New Fruit-&-Veggie Doll Collection!


Yes, I’d cleaned out all the clutter and sworn off kitsch for life, but then I spotted these fruit-and-vegetable-themed singing dolls in a wholesale store’s window and gushed about them to a friend, Erzen Krivca (the filmmaker husband of radio star Anita Sarko).

I nearly started shrieking with delight and making a scene; these nutritious little darlings were that desirable!

And he started tracking them down in retail places all over the globe and getting them for me, dutifully dropping them off one by one!

I felt like Angelina as a procession of little babies was delivered to my door for me to cuddle, nurture, love, and exploit.

First there was the eggplant girl, then a sort of ducky one, then the beauteous watermelon doll, then a strawberry head, and finally, a pineapple princess.

My life was complete (see below) and then came the pear doll! (See above.)

Now it’s beyond complete!

And if you push their buttons, they sing in some exotic language–dainty ditties about cupcakes and cutting the cheese and all types of other important issues of the day.

In fact, each one seems to sing in a different language. One sounds Spanish, one Korean, one English, one gibberish, and so on, till you just can’t take any more cuteness.

With a bevy of beauties like these, I am hopelessly hooked on clutter all over again.


Which reality show do I call?