To help victims of Hurricane Sandy, music site Pitchfork and contemporary-art museum MOMA P.S.1 have arranged today’s benefit concert where all of the proceeds from ticket sales go to hurricane relief. The event’s headliner, Oneohtrix Point Never, the Brooklyn-based drone duke Daniel Lopatin who will be presenting a DJ set, falls in line with the museum’s experimental ethos, weaving tapestries of staticky warbles and piano pulses in whatever formation suits his mood. His latest release, Replica, contains 10 distinct, escapist tone poems with titles like “Sleep Dealer” and “Child Soldier,” the latter of which sounds like he foleyed in lasers from sci-fi flicks. Strawberry-haired San Francisco-based electronic artist Holly Herndon will perform a live set of her own sound experiments, bolstered by her whispery vocals, and Ridgewood, New Jersey’s, Ducktails—the event’s most traditionally rock-ish artist—will DJ. Best yet, the cost of the ticket includes museum admission.

Sun., Dec. 2, 4 p.m., 2012