Barack and Mitt Will Have Lunch Today; Here’s What They Could Talk About


It has been almost a month now since America went to the polls and re-elected President Obama to another four years of running this whole place. Since then, we’ve collectively done well in the whole “taking our minds off the election” business. We’ve had Petraeus, the progress of the Sandy recovery, the Gaza conflict, and a whole slew of other issues to cannon-fire our attention toward.

Besides, the only things we’ve heard from Romney was something not so nice about “gifts” and pumping gas in La Jolla, California.

But, lo and behold, there is a light at the end of the infinite 2012 tunnel. At a conference yesterday, Press Secretary Jay Carney let us in on a little date that’s happening today. At some hour between noon and 5 p.m., president-re-elect Barack Obama and the defeated Mitt Romney will have lunch together at the White House.

In his victory speech, Obama mentioned that he wanted “to talk about where we can work together to move this country forward.” And, today, he will have that chance. But is that what they’re really only talking about?

Here’s a list of some possible other topics that could/should be discussed at the lunch date:

– What Romney really did at Bain Capital

– What will happen in the second part of the last Breaking Bad season

– Why Paul Ryan was such a big Kid Rock fan

– What Romney’s plans are for Valentine’s Day

– If either of them is a fan of Lena Dunham

– That anti-hipster NYTimes piece on living with irony

– If either of them are on Instagram and/or what their favorite filter is

– If millionaires should pay a higher income tax

– If either of them is a fan of Lil B

– Mormonism

– What their favorite Bond movie is/was

– If they thought Daniel Day-Lewis’s performance in Lincoln was “Oscar-worthy”

– What they think about the “Reply All” feature on e-mails

– What the whole “47 Percent” thing was about

– Joe Biden

– Why they didn’t text Bill Clinton to join them

– Why Romney named a son “Tagg”

– The implications of Obamacare in the coming years

– The future of the GOP

– The new Rihanna album

– Where they were for Hurricane Sandy

– Where they were for Black Friday and/or Cyber Monday

– America

If Breaking Bad isn’t mentioned, I give up.

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