Drag Star Tina Burner Speaks


Omnipresent drag performer Tina Burner hosts Mixtape Mondays at Vlada, Tuesday night drag contests at Posh Bar, STD Wednesdays at Barracuda (with Dallas DuBois), and “Queen” Thursdays at Industry Bar.

And on Friday, she rests.

I caught up with Tina on a rare off moment to get some insight into drag domination.

Hi, Tina. Where did you learn how to dance?

I trained as a tap dancer most of my childhood, but I think some of my slick moves come from Darren’s Dance Grooves and a mean workout to Zumba on my X Box Kinect.

What are the pros and cons of dressing up in drag every night?

The pros are that I get to perform, first and foremost. After that, the free booze. The cons are people’s personal opinions of Drag Queens. My love life and relationships have definitely suffered. Since I’m not really into tranny chasers or hooking up in drag, my options are limited.

I think drag queens are some of the strongest men I know and wish more people would see it that way. I personally am a performer who happens to do it via Tina Burner. I guess if I was Nick Adams putting on a dress for Priscilla, maybe it would be more acceptable. Also, my feet aren’t too happy to be jammed into pumps all the time.

What are the wackiest things that have happened while you’ve performed?

People’s inhibitions are definitely out the door when they drink, but for some reason at a drag show it’s times 100. I’ve had tit, dick, vaginas in my face. Somebody had a seizure during my show not too long ago.

That was me! Sorry! What was it like to be nominated for the GLAM award for Entertainer of the Year?

It’s honestly an honor to be able to make a living performing in NYC and to be recognized by your peers for it.