Welcome Crispy Mr. Chicken!


A drumstick ($1.25), a thigh ($1.25)…and what part of the chicken is that third piece?

The part of commercial Brooklyn once defined by Williamsburg Savings Bank but now by Barclays Center can use some more cheap-food emporia, especially in the face of what will doubtlessly be an upscaling of the immediate neighborhood. Enter, just a block from the Pacific Avenue subway exit, Crispy Mr. Chicken, who smiles at you from the logo as if unaware of the tenuous nature of his mascotship, as thousands of adolescent and even tween chickens are killed on his behalf.

Well, too bad. Joining a raft of other Halal fried poultry joints, CMC sells great fried chicken (minimally dusted with flour, skin intact) in the Southern (American) style, a technique doubtlessly learned in Brooklyn’s African-American nabes.

And this place also sells Pakistani food, too, including great homemade samosas (vegetarian) and biryanis (minimally meaty). Buffalo wings, burgers, and egg breakfasts, too.

And here’s the very best part: Open 24 hours!

Crispy Mr. Chicken
52 Fourth Avenue
Boerum Hill (?), Brooklyn

Want fried chicken at 3:47 am in the morning? You got it.

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