Blue Point Hoptical Illusion: Not Nearly Psychedelic Enough


Style: IPA

Serving style: Draft poured into a mason jar, which is something I want to make a joke about, but will refrain.

Location: Cyprus Avenue in Park Slope

Cost: $6.50. That’s kind of a weird price for a beer, right?

ABV: 6.8 percent

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Appearance: Unfortunately, gazing at the Hoptical Illusion doesn’t make your head spin into a wild world of purples and greens and other colors from the year 1972. Instead the beer is, really, pretty boring looking: clear and amber-colored. Sure, there are hints of orange and red if the light hits it right, but still, I was hoping for a mad trippy experience, bro.

Aroma: The scent is strong and aggressive, full of hops with caramel undertones and other unidentifiable deliciousness. Each time I took a wiff, I caught something new.

Taste: If only the taste positively echoed the aroma. To put it bluntly, there’s simply too much happening inside of the Hoptical Illusion for you to pick up on any specific flavor. There’s a bit of pine, hops, citrus, grapefruit, and some other stuff I couldn’t label. But it all mixes together in a way that isn’t enjoyable and instead seems garbled and bitter.

Mouthfeel: The heaviness of the taste and aroma combines with the massive amount of carbonation to make this a sip beer, which is a pretty big bummer because it doesn’t taste very good.

Overall Experience: I give it one big resounding, “meh.” I first had this Blue Point beer awhile back, but couldn’t remember if I liked it or had ordered it because I thought the name was hilarious. Turns out it was the latter. I bought a round for some friends after we attended a Nets game recently and quickly regretted it. As of late, my go-to style of beer has been IPAs–it’s probably the changing seasons–so I was pretty stoked to get on this brew again, but as my table went bottoms up, we all ended up shaking our heads. Alas. The best part about the Hoptical Illusion is its name.