Ex Club Kingpin Is Now A Seller At The Flea Market


Gene DiNino once owned the long-running skating-rink-turned-dance-club the Roxy (on West 18th Street) as well as an eponymous supper club called Eugene (on West 24th).

But that was then.

Life in the fast lane can be, say, unpredictable, and now Gene is one of the sellers at the Garage, the sprawling, two-level weekend flea market on 25th Street beween Sixth and Seventh Avenues.

And that’s an honest way to make some cash.

Gene is selling tons of shiny old stuff–there was a studded mirror that caught my discerning eye, among other things–and he’ll give you a deal on it, so I want you to find him there and support him.

After all, the guy presided over many an amazing club night, he always tipped me off when a one-named superstar (like Cher or Madonna) was going to appear at the Roxy, and he even put my puss on the place’s drink tickets!

And he produced a really good documentary about the place (which I appear in) that’s been on Logo several dozen times.

So give Gene your love and get some trinkets in return.

Do it for mama!