Six Months’ Worth of Coffee Beans


Bag numbers 19 (left) and 18 (right) were, respectively, Blue Bottle’s Guatemala Maya Ixil, roasted in Brooklyn, and Four Barrel’s Guatemala Antigua Santa Cruz, roasted in San Francisco.

I drink a lot of coffee at home, ground from beans right before being deposited in a French press. I saved the labels from the last six months, just to keep track of what I’d been drinking. The choices often reflect things that were readily available in coffee houses I frequent, and in a growing taste for Central American coffees. I used to think Intelligentsia (Chicago) was the best coffee roaster, but now I’ve found that Dallis Bros. (Queens) does just as good a job, as reflected in the Ninth Street Espresso bags. I’m also fond of Four Barrel, a San Francisco roaster I wish would open a branch here. The other 17 bags follow, moving backwards in time.

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17. Intelligentsia (Chicago): House Blend (Costa Rica, Honduras, Kenya)
16. Atelier La Colombe (Philadelphia): Blue Forest, Haiti
15. Ninth Street Espresso: Finca Las Cascadas, Honduras (Dallis roasted)
14. La Colombe (Philadelphia): Louisiane
13. Ninth Street Espresso: Finca Las Cascadas, Honduras (Dallis roasted)
12. Stumptown (NY): Holler Mountain
11. Joe: San Juan Microlot, Guatemala
10. Black Coffee (Montana): Six Towers

09. Joe: Brazil Ipanema
08. Stumptown (NY): Hair Bender
07. Ninth Street Espresso: Cerro del Reyes, Colombia (Dallis roasted)
06. Ninth Street Espresso: Alphabet City Blend (Intelligentsia roasted)
05. Intelligentsia (Chicago): House Blend (Bolivia, Colombia, Peru, Brazil)
04. Ninth Street Espresso: Nossa Senhora Aparecida, Brazil (Dallis roasted)
03. Intelligentsia (Chicago): Murray’s House Blend (Bolivia, Brazil, Peru)
02. Joe: Bolivia Illimani
01. Ninth Street Espresso: Koma, Ethiopia (Intelligentsia roasted)