Was Robin Byrd’s Show An Adult Entertainment Version Of Mr. Rogers?


I argue the point in today’s New York Times.

(Yes, I’ve been quoted in the Times two days in a row now!

Could anyone be more relevant?)

Anyway, the long running cable star Robin Byrd is doing a weekly live show at the new Cutting Room starting tomorrow night, with echoes of her TV sex-travaganza.

So the TimesJesse McKinley did a profile of her, and asked me for an insidery comment to shed some insight into her allure.

(I’m an old friend of Byrd’s, dished gossip as a clothed guest on her show, and will be introducing her tomorrow).

And here’s what I said:

“She brought it into everyone’s home and she put a girl-next-door face on it.

“Her show never seemed the slightest bit dirty.

“It was a little like Mr. Rogers meets Debbie Does Dallas.”

Yes, I said it.

And they ran it.

And does anyone agree with it, perchance?

Or are you so outraged you want to bang my box?