Brad Pitt’s Movie Killing Them… Is Not Slaying Them


Says this link:

“There were low expectations for producer Brad Pitt‘s R-rated ruthless star turn in Killing Them Softly” because it was released on the weekend after the Thanksgiving one, generally not a prime time for box office magic.

But not that low.

Alas, “Friday night it received a miserable ‘F’ CinemaScore from audiences despite decent reviews and a stellar cast.”

The result?

Some unhappy, popcorn-smeared faces and lots of stay-at-home action.

In pulling in an estimated seven million dollar this weekend, the film didn’t even crack the top six in the all-important chart of moneymaking biggies.

(Though Twilight, Skyfall, and Lincoln naturally did; they lead the pack, filling the coffers while avoiding the coughers.)

Brad’s film came in seventh!

Oh, well.

The film is still a sort of mild succes d’estime for Brad–and he still has those Chanel ads.

And he, Ange, and the kids can come stay with me anytime they want!