Hey, Con Ed, You Trying To Rip Me Off?


I just got my Con Ed bill and for some reason it was 50 percent more than usual!!!

It was more than any Con Ed bill I remember getting in a long time, actually!

And it covered the period when there was a blackout and I had no power for over four days!

My switches were off the whole time since there was no juice whatsoever coming in.

And as a result, I figured this Con Ed bill would be a breeze–way lower than usual to make up for that horrifying dead zone.

But it’s way more.

WTF is going on, Con Ed?

Are you trying to make up for your losses by charging people extra for the disaster?

I called your info hotline, but it said there would be a wait of over 20 minutes–no doubt thanks to people calling in with similar problems (and even worse ones, I’m sure).

But an automated voice nicely enough told me that the amount billed was due to an accurate meter reading.

Oh, really?

You mean, I trudged around in the dark and bumped into walls while listening to an old cassette to stay sane, and you’re charging me extra?????

Should I add an extra “n” and make your name “Conned”?