Robin Byrd’s New Show Was a Pisser!


“Get out your boxes because she’s ready to bang them!

“Let’s hear it for the queen of pubic televison, the adult answer to Mr. Rogers, and a woman who gets higher ratings than Honey Bo Boo–Robin Byrd!”

That was my onstage introduction to Byrd’s first live show at the Cutting Room on Saturday, and the sellout crowd stomped and cheered for their luscious icon, anxious for a taste of unselfconscious sexiness and good times.

What unfurled was pretty much like a live version of Byrd’s old shows–except that she was wearing jeans (the crocheted bikini might return in a few months, she noted with a smile), the guest stars were more nouveau-burlesque than old-school porn, and they were much smarter in the interview segment than some of the old kooks.

But Byrd was her charming self, and the whole thing made you feel she wasn’t lying when she used to say “You always have me–Robin Byrd.”

Backstage, I was equally comforted when I overheard some fun talk about body fluids.

“I love peeing!” one female dancer blurted. “When I found out I could get paid for it, I was thrilled.”

Cracked Byrd, “Better to get pissed on than pissed off.”

And another dancer remarked, “Just don’t pee on me and tell me it’s raining!”

Points taken.

In fact, I’ll never think of #1 in the same way again.

Congrats to the performers–Go Go Harder, Lisa Ann, Jubilee Diamond, Jo Boobs, Jade Vixen, and the cast of Naked Holidays.

They sold it, they worked it, they answered questions, and they danced along for the “Bang Your Box” finale.

And Byrd regular Heather Hunter was in the audience!

You always have her too!