Rubber, Latex, And Metal Fabulosity At Kayvon Zand Shoot! Photos By Gazelle


There are no more interesting club creatures.

People don’t dress up anymore.

No one makes the effort or has any aesthetic vision to begin with.

Yeah, yeah, yeah.

Blow all of the above into metaphorical smithereens and focus instead on these photos taken by Gazelle.

They’re from the Kayvon Zand Collective‘s latest video shoot–a mass of stunning looks and attitudes, directed by Mike Ruiz.

No one has a hot look anymore, granny? Please!

I showed up for my cameo in hot pink–I didn’t get the memo–but was thankfully zhooshed into blackness and fit right in (except for my age) as a front row patron for the futuristic fashion show scene.

The shooting was a futuristic fashion show of its own.