Twitter Talks, Tim Tebow Listens; QB Answers Calls to Cheer Up Upstate Teen Crash Victim


New York Jets starting quarterback/perpetual do-gooder Tim Tebow is always trying to out-do-good his previous acts of do-goodery — and yesterday was no exception.

There was a fairly horrific car wreck just north of Albany over the weekend that claimed the lives of two high school athletes and seriously injured two others. A driver of a second vehicle is alleged to be responsible for the fatal wreck, and he reportedly failed a sobriety test.

So where does Tebow fit in to this equation? Allow us to explain:

One of the two surviving students, Shenendehowa High School junior Matthew Hardy, was a star on the school’s football team, as was one
of the teens killed in the wreck, Shen junior Chris Stewart.

As Hardy — who apparently is a fan of football’s favorite messiah — was recovering in the hospital over the weekend, the hashtag #TebowCallMatt trended on Twitter. By 7 p.m. yesterday, more than 50,000 Twitter users had retweeted it — and it soon caught Tebow’s attention.

So what did Tebow do? He called Matt, of course — because he’s Tim Tebow.

About 9 p.m., Hardy’s brother, Michael, tweeted: “TIM TEBOW JUST GOT OFF THE PHONE WITH MATT! SUCH A CLASS

Soon after, Tebow tweeted: “Thanks to everyone who got #TebowCallMatt trending & helped connect us. Matt truly inspired me.
God bless y’all.”

That sound you just heard was the collective swooning of every woman in America.

This article from the Village Voice Archive was posted on December 4, 2012

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