Free Booze at New Nightclub!


Hold on, alkies, let me explain.

The live-music-based club the Cutting Room has a fabulous new location (44 E. 32 Street), but the manager, Susan Hathaway, told me there’s no liquor license yet because some red tape has held up their getting a Certificate of Occupancy.

(It’s a long story with a lot of heartache, but they’re hanging in there and managing.)

As a result of the licenseless-ness, they’re giving booze away–but only certan types of it, and only to those who actually belong in the club.

(I guess that means you bought a ticket or got guest list action, not helicoptered in with a straw lodged in your throat.)

Hathaway told me this is an extremely temporary situation, by the way; they’re on the verge of getting the paperwork approved that will make the booze saleable.

Maybe even this weekend.

Until then, I’m heading there for a few dozen Diet Cokes.

I might even tip!

And I’ll tip extra when I buy something they have been able to sell–something I like way more than booze.