Free Will Astrology: December 5-11, 2012


ARIES [March 21–April 19] Spencer Silver was a co-inventor of Post-it notes. Speaking about the process he went through to develop this simple marvel, he said: “If I had thought about it, I wouldn’t have done the experiment. The literature was full of examples that said you can’t do this.” I’d like to make him your patron saint for the next few weeks, Aries. You now have the chance to make practical breakthroughs that might have seemed impossible. Ignore conventional wisdom. Trust your mischievous intuition.

TAURUS [April 20–May 20] The axolotl is a kind of salamander that has an extraordinary capacity for regenerating itself. If it loses a leg in an accident, it will grow a new one. And get this: There’s never any scar tissue left behind when its work is done. Its power to heal itself is pretty much perfect. I nominate the axolotl to be your power animal in the coming weeks. You now have an extraordinary ability to restore any part of your soul that got hurt.

GEMINI [May 21–June 20] In the coming months, I hope that you will get sweet revenge. In fact, I predict that you will get sweet revenge. Keep in mind that I’m not talking about angry, roaring vindication. I don’t mean you will destroy the reputations of your adversaries, reduce them to humiliating poverty, or laugh at them as they grovel for mercy. The kind of revenge I foresee is that you will achieve a ringing triumph by mastering a challenge they all believed would defeat you.

CANCER [June 21–July 22] I would love to speak with you about your hesitancy to fully confront your difficulties. But I will not speak forthrightly because I’m pretty sure that would irritate you. It might even motivate you to procrastinate further. So instead I will make a lame joke about how if you don’t stop avoiding the obvious, you will probably get bitten in the butt by a spider. I will try to subtly guilt you into taking action. Hopefully that will nudge you into dealing straightforwardly with the unrest that’s bubbling.

LEO [July 23–August 22] “Drama is life with all the boring parts cut out of it,” said Leo filmmaker Alfred Hitchcock. By that criterion, I’m guessing that your experience in the coming week will have a high concentration of magic and stimulation. You should be free from having to slog through stale details and prosaic story lines. Your word of power will be “succulence.” For best results, I suggest you take control of the unfolding adventures. Be the director and lead actor in your drama.

VIRGO [August 23–September 22] One of my spiritual teachers once told me that a good adviser makes an effort to not seem too perfect. She said some teachers even cultivate harmless failings on purpose. Why? To get the best learning experience, students must be discouraged from over-idealizing wise advisers. It’s crucial they understand that achieving utter purity is impossible. Being perceived as an infallible expert is dangerous for teachers, too. It makes them prone to egotistical grandiosity. It’s an excellent time to reduce the likelihood that you’ll be seduced by the illusion of perfection.

LIBRA [September 23–October 22] This would be a good week to talk to yourself far more than you usually do. And I do mean that you should speak the words out loud. Why am I suggesting this? You would benefit from the shock of literally hearing how your mind works. Even more importantly: The cheerleading you do, the encouragement you deliver, and the motivational speeches you give would have an unusually powerful impact if they were audibly articulated.

SCORPIO [October 23–November 21] In the fairy tale “Beauty and the Beast,” a grotesque humanlike creature hosts the heroine in his home, treating her like a queen. She accepts his hospitality but rejects his constant requests to marry him. Eventually, he collapses from heartache. Moved by the depth of his suffering, she breaks into tears and confesses her deep affection for him. This shatters the spell and magically transforms the Beast back into the handsome prince he originally was. Your life might have parallels to this story in the coming months, Scorpio. You might be tested. Can you discern the truth about a valuable resource that doesn’t look very sexy?

SAGITTARIUS [November 22–December 21] If you thoroughly shuffle a deck of cards, the novel arrangement you create is probably unique in all of human history. I suspect the same principle applies to our lives: Each new day brings a singular set of circumstances that neither you nor anyone else in the past 10,000 years has ever had the pleasure of being challenged and intrigued by. There is always some fresh opportunity, however small, that is being offered to you for the first time. It’s important for you to be alert for what you have never seen nor experienced before.

CAPRICORN [December 22–January 19] I wish I could do more than just fantasize about helping you achieve greater freedom. In my dreams, I am obliterating delusions that keep you moored to false idols. I am setting fire to the unnecessary burdens you lug around. And I am tearing you away from the galling compromises you made once upon a time. But it’s actually a good thing I can’t just wave a magic wand to make all this happen. Here’s a much better solution: You will clarify your analysis of the binds you’re in, supercharge your willpower, and liberate yourself.

AQUARIUS [January 20–February 18] In his book Even Cowgirls Get the Blues, Tom Robbins talks about a gourmet who “gave up everything, traveled thousands of miles, and spent his last dime to get to the highest lamasery in the Himalayas to taste the dish he’d longed for his whole life, Tibetan peach pie. When he got there . . . the lamas said they were all out of peach. ‘OK,’ said the gourmet, ‘make it apple.'” I suspect you’ll be having a comparable experience. You might not get the exact treat you wanted, but what you’ll receive is pretty damn good.

PISCES [February 19–March 20] “Having ‘a sense of self’ means possessing a set of stories about who we are,” according to William Kittredge in his book The Nature of Generosity. He says there are two basic types of stories: The first is “cautionary tales, which warn us” and therefore protect us. The second consists of “celebratory” tales, which we use to heal and calm ourselves. I believe that you Pisceans are now in a phase when you primarily need celebratory stories. It’s time to define yourself with accounts of what you love.

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