Lesbians Are Taking Over Soho!


And they’re using names from Virginia Woolf characters!

Let me explain:

The Dalloway (525 Broome Street) is a new hotspot co-owned by Kim Stolz, remembered as a lesbian contestant on America’s Next Top Model, and Amanda Leigh Dunn from Showtime’s The Real L Word.

(Above photo: Amanda, Kim)

Put two power lesbians together below Houston Street and boom, you’ve got a Soho bar-restaurant which Queerty’s Dan Avery says is bringing in a “steady stream of hip dykes.”


Call in the Republicans with hoses!

The place is sucking in miles of sapphic sisters munching on brussel-sprouts salad and duck sliders before heading downstairs to the bar, where they lube up their tonsils and prepare for some later engagements.

It’s a same-sex-tacular that’s making Soho so gay, but actually, the focus isn’t really on hooking; it’s on clinking drinks named after Virginia Woolf titles (true story) while calmly plunging into a society of like-minded women.

The DJ on opening night was Lindsay’s ex, Samantha Ronson, and apparently it was extremely lesba-festive.

Another bad move for Lindsay! Look what she’s missing!