This Week In The Voice: Hunters Kill, Dan Friel Feels, and Musto Hates Music


In this week’s Village Voice, which you’ll find in beat up, plastic red boxes across the city right. fucking. now.:

>> I use words like “raw, sexy, scary, fuzzy, fun, fucked up” to describe Brooklyn’s Hunters for this week’s cover story. The quick highlights: champagne bottle to the face, blood, professional wrestling, horror movies, James Iha, “vaguely depressing” Chinatown art gallery parties. Read the whole thing. Twice. And know when you do I tried like hell to work in the fact that Hunters’ guitarist Derek Watson very much love, love, loves R. Kelly’s classic comedy album Double Up, and knows all or most of the words to its outlandish non-hits “The Zoo,” “Sex In the Kitchen,” “Real Talk,” “Sex Weed,” “Sex Planet.” He even knows “Sweet Tooth,” and together he and I sang its nastiest line: “I’m all up in your middle/Ooh it tastes like Skittles.” We then promptly apologized to Hunters’ vocalist Isabel Almeida, a proper lady.

>> Brad Cohan sat down with former Parts & Labor keyboardist/pedal pusher Dan Friel, who has a new album, Total Folklore, coming out soon on Thrill Jockey. Friel, writes Cohan, has created a new genre of music, “electroni-commuter rock,” wherein he walks around New York City making field recordings of everyday life. He then incorporates those field recordings into his music. “Do you remember,” I asked Cohan (smugly), “that show The Heights? Didn’t Jamie Walters character Ray Pruit do this exact thing in the songs he wrote for the show’s titular band?” Cohan didn’t know, but did remember the time Pruit threw Donna down the stairs on 90210. Still, I decided to allow the assertion that Friel has created something new here and not just borrowed heavily from the subplot of an early-90s TV drama that lasted only a couple episodes. Because I’m a generous, giving music editor. And now you’re in the room with me, behind the curtain I’ve lifted for you to show off a brief glimpse of The Process. It smells weird in here, don’t it?

>> Also on the music front this week, venerable Voice icon Michael Musto rattles off one of his “Why I Hate _____” columns, this time about Music. It’s a light, campy, completely frivolous romp written in the style of Larry King’s old USA Today column, which UNBELIEVABLY never won a Pulitzer. No bigs, right? WRONG! To judge the reaction from music writers on Twitter and elsewhere online you’d think Musto had spoiled the ending of the upcoming Homeland finale instead of just penning a few lighthearted, completely harmless opinions about Rihanna, Ke$ha and his distaste for live music. Back away from the knives, homies. You’re the reason everyone nods their head in agreement anytime anyone anywhere says “MUSIC WRITERS ARE THE WORSSSSSSSST.”