Vomitor+Negative Plane


Think if Brisbane, Australia’s Vomitor as a sort of gateway drug to heavy-rock fandom. Worried that the tempos will be too sludgy, or the drumming too impossibly robotic, the riffage too mercurial, the vocal fury too turgid? Fear not, mortal: Vomitor is simply too fun, in a Romper Room-for-headbangers sort of way, to overwhelm or oppress even a newborn. The tempo, generally speaking, is breakneck, but it’s cartoon breakneck that goes on too long, like a gang of sugared-up punk kids distending a 30-second hardcore blast to three or four minutes and finding melodic religion (if not chops) along the way. Recommended for kids of all ages.

Mon., Dec. 10, 8 p.m., 2012