Flight Attendants Prefer To Work Coach!


I learned this from a flight attendant for a major international airline.

He said that, based on seniority, flight attendants are given the chance to request where they’ll fly to every month and whether they’ll do coach, business, or first class.

He said Rio, Sao Paolo, and Tokyo are considered the best destinations of all–“the filet mignon of choices.”

And he informed me that when given the option, most flight attendants prefer to work coach rather than the more upscale sections!

For one thing, the food serving–if there is any–is far more basic and easy to handle.

And the people–while occasionally cranky–aren’t as full of themselves as the First Class patrons, who do everything to remind the staff of their own importance and financial power.

My source said these customers will instantly start demanding things, before the aisles are even cleared for safety.

They’ll promptly want a drink, headphones, and their coat checked, and they don’t care if other people might be in the way, desperately trudging to their seats.

And if one of the three premium meal choices might not be available for some reason, they act like the entire world has ended and there’ll be some extreme version of hell to pay!


Glad to be one of the (relatively) nice people in coach!