How to Make a Mezcal Cocktail for the Mayan Apocalypse from PDT


As much as it petrifies us to write this sentence, the Mayan apocalypse is slated to destroy the universe on December 21. Bummer? Definitely. Why not drink away your fears with a Mezcal cocktail created specifically for the world’s implosion by PDT‘s managing partner and mixologist extraordinaire, Jim Meehan. This smooth drink is made with small-batch Sambra mezcal and finished off with lime, agave and bit of oregano. So cross your fingers, pray for tomorrow, and drink up.

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The Drink: Mezcal Cocktail for the Mayan Apocalypse

The Bar: PDT

The Price: $15

The Ingredients: 2 oz Sombra Mezcal, 3/4 oz fresh lime juice, 3/4 oz Yellow Chartreuse, 1 barspoon of agave nectar, 1 barspoon of Ricard Pastis, 17 fresh oregano leaves, or 4 sprigs.

The Method: Muddle the oregano with the lime juice and agave nectar. Add everything else, then ice. Shake and double strain into a chilled coupe (no garnish).

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