I Just Sang With Some Rock Legends! (Video Below)


Remember when I told you about the Frankie’s Friends benefit (to help sick pets) at the Cutting Room, where Emmylou Harris and Steve Earle were headlining?

Well, it really happened on Tuesday night, both of those stars singing powerful, heartfelt country tunes to a roomful of rapt admirers.

While applauding, I started sweating bullets, wondering how on earth I was going to fit into this evening.

After all, I was sitting there in a sparkly silver jacket, having rehearsed a dance/rock version of “Oh Come All Ye Faithful”–with a cha-cha break yet–backed by Snooky and Tish, the wacky and inspired Manic Panic divas who’d organized the whole shebang.

I was hardly in keeping with the earnest tone of the night.

I got even more nervous when Blue Coupe took the stage.

They’re a trio consisting of guys from the legendary Blue Oyster Cult and from Alice Cooper’s band, and they rocked so hard they set the place on fire.

I was going to have to follow them?

Wait, it gets better.

I was in a (manic) panic when one of them beckoned me to the stage.

It turned out the Coupe guys were going to accompany me on my dance hymn (along with the musicians I’d rehearsed with)!

I was going to join them!

Well, I nervously started singing and they started rocking and you must believe me that I actually got applause at the end.

For a cha-cha version of “Oh Come All You Faithful”!

For proof, the video is below.

By the way, I loved helping sick dogs while feeling like a rock star and advancing my visibility.

Thanks to Dana McCoy for the video, Jonathan Moorehead for posting the photo by Jeannine Hannum, and the Joan Rivers collection for the jacket (as procured by Christian Freedom).