Look At The (Possibly) New And Shiny Tappan Zee Bridge


At the end of the summer, we reported on the story surrounding Governor Cuomo’s ambitions to rip down the Tappan Zee Bridge, the span of cement that connects Rockland and Westchester County, and start from fresh. Last time we checked in, Andrew was furious about the Department of Transportation’s denial of federal funding for his project. But much has changed since then: after making room for it in the state budget and filling out environmental impact forms, the Federal Highway Administration signed off on the nearly $5 billion project.
And, now, the fun part: we get to see what the future (or a thin sliver of it above the Bronx) could look like.
You might say that architecture isn’t fun, post-modernism is silly, blah, blah, blah. We get it. But, bridges are an essential part of our infrastructure and, whether you’re a fan of the City Beautiful movement or not, nice-looking things are, well, nice to look at. So cheer up and check out our (possibly) new and shiny Tappan Zee Bridge.
Yesterday, Governor Cuomo held a Cabinet meeting that introduced the three designs the committee was considering. The one seen in this post’s header is their personal favorite and for good reason(s): it costs little over $3 billion, which is way under the intended $5.2 billion budget; it would take five years and several months to build; and, shit, it definitely looks the coolest.
The next-in-line would imitate the Golden Gate Bridge – but we East Coasters don’t mess with Cali. And the third one is the most expensive, coming in a little over $4 billion. Whatever design is chosen, budgeters must keep in mind that $600-$800 million must be added to the overall cost for the actual human labor and maintenance.
To see the rest of them, you can download the presentation given here.
The vote for the design is on December 17th. And, you know, it may take five years to build this damn thing but… here’s to waiting.